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Brandt BRV

I was parked at a petrol station and a very muddy raised bakkie carrying a quart bike pulled up. It looked like a defender but something about it's proportions wasn't ride. It had no badges on it so I couldn't make up what it is. I briefly considered going to the driver and asking him what it is but that seemed uhmm imprudent. I saw the letters BRV on the back when I left. 

So began my quest to identify what this vehicle is. I tried googling but I only came up with Hondas. I thought maybe being dyslexic I have the letters in the wrong order so tried other combinations but no luck. What could it be? Is it a Chinese brand, what is it? I get very irritated when I can't come up with an answer for something I am curious about. I have stayed up all night before trying to find a video I once saw, till I found it lol, waste of time I know but nothing like the relief of finding the answer I'm seeking, must be like what others experience in the bathroom but that's another story. I digress.

I saw another one some 6 months later, it definitely says BRV in the back. Again I couldn't find anything on line about what this vehicle is. This week while driving to a home affairs office I drove through an industrial area and I saw a handful of them parked outside. The giant board on the fence said Brandt BRV. I went and googled this and this time I found their website. I went through it and it turns out they are a local manufacturer based in Bloemfontein.

They make 3 variants with varying trim and engine sizes, They use Cummings engines. I was utterly shocked that there is local car maker in Bloem. I wonder how much it takes to get a new car certified especially one not based on an existing Chassis. They seem to not be body on frame so that means from scratch design. 

The prices seem a bit expensive but I guess it makes sense for a boutique car maker. I wonder about other things too like where the rest of the parts come from. I at least have that sweet sweet relief of knowing the answer to question, What the hell is a BRV? well turns out it's a locally produced offroad bakkie. 

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