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Toyota Corolla 1.3 2001 2E - Rear speaker update

I did a thing, I did a thing, I did a thing. This is strange especially for this car. I went late in the day and got something done. Usually I get problems with this car but not this time. I replaced the speakers and it took less than an hour. They worked perfectly. This is weird for me with this car.

Ok so, the speakers on this car are the original speakers that came with the car. They are old panasonics made of paper. They have cones which I haven't seen since I was a child. The cones were just falling apart from just barely touching them.

So I replaced them with this JVCs from takealot.com. I don't know much about speakers, the just looked affordable with the discount on them and their numbers seemed high. I'm kidding I read up and they were ok for the price, I'm not an audiophile. 

I wanted solder them but as it turns out my iron is dead. Long story short, I left it on for a long time and I have been scared to put it on and check if it still works and as it turns out it doesn't. So I couldn't use it. I just wrapped the wires and in cased them in insulation tape. They sound great and whole thing took less than an hour. This is like a never happen in DIY.


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