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Toyota Corolla 1.3 2001 2E - Front suspension revamp Part 4

Started today expecting something to be seriously wrong with the right side of the car. I wasn't looking forward to working on it. Even though I had an early morning, I only started on it around midday. 

I took the kuckle assembly to a suspension pro shop, where they told me the new bearing I had just had pressed in by a friend as a favour cannot be saved. I went to Midas and bought another bearing. When they pressed out the bearing they found to their utter shock that the bearing was missing the front face that sits against the hub, the metal balls were just exposed. I don't know how this could have happened. I imagine someone at the engineering shop screwed up the bearing and just didn't say. In any case I have learned a valuable lessen. The Honda also needs bearings, and I'm definately just gonna pay to have it pressed by the pro shop instead of asking for favours.

I reassembled it and took it out for a test drive. It has no sounds which is welcome but the is a slight vibration under braking. This is caused by the warpage of disks. This specific model is very prone to that because of it's non ventilated disks. I suspect the disk not running straight caused the warpage this time around. it is a bit annoying that I constantly have to replace half used brake pads because of this. 

I would like to remedy this problem once and for all by upgrading the brakes to the ventilated disks version which will require changing the calipers. I do however hope the knuckle is at least the same because otherwise it's a much bigger expense. For now the car is working and back on the road which I'm glad about. I can finally move to other projects.

I will upload a video to the Nkolex YouTube channel on this project once the editing is complete.

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