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Toyota Corolla 1.3 2001 2E - Front suspension revamp Part 3

I go for a drive and there is rubbing sound. I dismissed it as brakes, the disks had gotten wet when the boot flooded in heavy rain. They were quite a bit rusty, so I expected to have some initial rubbing sound. However this was getting worse and the wheel wanted to stop.

I leave it on the side of the road, walk some 50 or so mitres home fill the Honda with tools and drove back. Strangely I wasn't even upset now, just numb. I take the left wheel off, the dust plate was a bit bent, I unbend it. I put the wheel back, go back in the car, still scrapping. I take out the right wheel and immediately there is a pile of iron shavings. something is rubbing something.

I take off the disk on the side of the road with traffic going back which is nerve wrecking. The disk is scrapping on the 3 bolts that hold the dust plate onto the knuckle. my conclusion from all this is the people at the engineering place didn't tighten the bolts. Since these bolts were now ruined and bent I replaced them. I button it up, put it in gear, surprise surprise scrapping is back. I hobble it home park it and go treat myself with a fishaways because I needed something nice to just make feel better.

So today I took it apart again and realised that the one thing I didn't expect to be the problem is the problem. The bearing has play in it. This allows the disk to run unevenly too close to the dust cover and scrapping. 

Unfortunately there is no warranty on favours. i can't just take the knuckle back to the engineering place and go, this bearing was not put in right. Frankly I don't think judging by how long it took I would wanna go back but even if I did wanna go back, I really can't because it was a favour, I didn't pay for it. So now I have to figure out how I'm gonna sort this out. 

I'm just hoping that I'm not gonna have to replace this new bearing that I just bought. I'm tempted to just go to a scrap yard and get a new used knuckle, it seems like a waste of money though. Also I bought this new hubs, I would like to use them. But I also really want this car back on the road.

I need strength...


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