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Toyota Corolla 1.3 2001 2E - Front suspension revamp Part 2

I had initially thought this would take me a week but I was now 2 weeks into it. This brings us to a problematic thing called the favour. Budget being so tight I decided to ask the engineering shop to press in the new bearings for me. I have had 2 engines built there including the one in this car. I get along ok with the owner so I asked him to help me out.

It took a couple of weeks before they even looked in the box that had the knuckles and the new bearings. Then when I went to collect them they tell me, I need to replace the hubs. I had to wait for month end because you know, I got the checking and savings (Kevin Hart reference) lol. It's now 3 or 4 weeks into this I don't know, I have lost count at this point. I eventually get the hubs and take them to the engineering place.

I keep calling, they keep telling me tomorrow. Eventually I just go there and they are closed I can see a guy inside but he isn't opening, it's almost 16:00 so I thought ok, I will come back tomorrow. I go back earlier, they are closed, I call the owner and he is like oh we moved. I get to their new premises, still not done. I go again a week later, still not done. I couple day later they are done I bring them home.

I put the car back together, start it up and run it for a few minutes and the temperature guage just runs all the way passed full faster than I have ever seen it go before. At this point I'm thoroughly depressed...and just leave it.

Turns out it was my fault. The guage has an earth wire that used to be earthed on one of the strut mount bolts. I had completely forgot about it. I only found out after replacing temperature sensors and I was now looking at replacing the thermostat. I luckily saw the wire and earthed on a different place on the body which addressed the guage issue.

Now I can go test driving right, nope...

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